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It’s Nice That

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Brian Finke captures the glitz and glamour of the Ms. Senior America beauty pageant

The Ms. Senior America pageant was created in Atlantic City to celebrate the older ladies of America and challenge notions of beauty and its place in American culture. Photographer Brian Finke was asked by Good Housekeeping to “do his thing” and capture all the drama and glamour of the pageant in his brash and glossy style.

“I’ve photographed a lot of competitions over the years such as cheerleadingcompetitions and bodybuilding says Brian. “I’ve alway been interested in the subtle moments backstage where the anticipation and vulnerability comes out in the contestants, they’re very telling of the personalities of the people.” Capturing contestants aged 60 – 90, a range of emotions are portrayed in glitzy colours and intimate crops, yet Brian is careful to combine stage shots with behind the scenes images to create a richer narrative.

“[The contestants] loved the attention, they are there to be seen and perform; being there shooting was just adding to the scene,” he says. Like with many of his other projects, the photographer made sure to go in with an open mind. “I always like showing up without preconceived ideas and photographing what I’m drawn to. I was very impressed watching the ladies own it on stage – I wanted them to look amazing.”