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Popular Mechanics | Darpa

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Flight Attendants’ Series Alludes to Romance of Early Air Travel

FStoppers feature

fa10New York-based photographer Brian Finke’s ‘Flight Attendants’ series is the product of two years of travel crisscrossing the United States as well as numerous trips abroad. Photographing flight attendants in action, as well as at a training school, Finke’s series documents the lives of those who travel for a living.

Traveling with more than 10 different carriers, Finke documented the work-and the small moments of down time-of the flight attendants who traveled alongside him. An editorial photographer, Finke’s photographs harken back to the glamour and extravagance of early air travel.

fa13fa09 fa12‘Flight Attendants’ has been exhibited in galleries from Los Angeles to Berlin and is available as a book. You can find the entirety of the ‘Flight Attendants’ series, as well as numerous other photographic projects on Finke’s website.


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The Repubblica | Cheerleading Portfolio

The Repubblica


The American photographer Brian Finke has toured America to document the world of cheerleaders and football players in high school, university, and the tour professionals. The result is a series of photographs titled “Portfolio 2468″ documenting and confirming the customs and traditions of which are filled with American films, including powerful players and girls attentive to the physical aspect. For its projects, Finke has documented many professions and social classes, the employees of construction companies and the flight attendants up to the world of the circus. His next job will take the title of U.S. Marshals and investigate – from a photographic point of view – the universe of American law enforcement


2468_07 2468_15

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U.S. Marshals now available for pre-order

at powerHouse Books


By Brian Finke
Foreword by Edith Zimmerman
Designed by Roberto Festino

Photography / Photojournalism / Law Enforcement
10-1/4 x 10-1/4 inches
128 pages
ISBN: 978-1-57687-711-1
$35.00 US/CAN

Available September 2014

The U.S. Marshal service is the longest standing law enforcement agency in the United States. As the enforcement arm of the federal courts, marshals are tasked with protecting judges, prosecutors, and witnesses, and are also responsible for transporting prisoners and tracking down the country’s most dangerous fugitives. Over the years, the ranks of this pillar of American law enforcement have included the likes of Frederick Douglass, Wyatt Earp, and Wild Bill Hickok, and they have been involved in diverse missions raging from tracking down train robbers in the Wild West, to protecting African American school children segregating the south in the Civil Rights Era, to seizing and auctioning off Bernie Madoff’s property.

The Marshals project started in 2010, and was photographed on and off over three years. Renowned photographer Brian Finke was reunited with a childhood friend who had gone into law enforcement, now Deputy Marshal Cameron Welch. With Welch as an access point, Finke documents the wild, dangerous, and heroic work of the U.S. Marshals. Finke photographed marshals at various offices around the country, starting in Houston, then in Las Vegas, New York City, Syracuse, Utica, Philadelphia, Camdon, Atlantic City, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and a handful of Texas border towns: Brownsville, McAllen, Laredo, Del Rio, Alpine, and El Paso. Finke captured the marshals during training, but also on the job on ride-alongs, and engaged in operations with other agencies rounding up escaped convicts and executing warrants.

Through Finke’s trained lens, the reader is treated to a unique, on-the-ground portrait of this elite group of officers. And at the same time Finke sheds light on how we police ourselves in the United States today.

Brian Finke graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 1998 with a BFA in photography. Since that time, he has had incredible success as an artist, with work placed in nine museum collections here and abroad. The author of 2-4-6-8: American Cheerleaders and Football Players (Umbrage, 2003), Flight Attendants (powerHouse, 2008), and Construction (DECODE, 2012), his first monograph was named one of the best photography books of 2004 by American Photo magazine. His editorial clients include: Bon Appétit,Conde Nast PortfolioDetailsDiscoverESPN the MagazineEsquireFast CompanyFortuneGood MagazineGQThe New York Times MagazineLifeMartha StewartNewsweekNew York magazine, The New YorkerPhoto District NewsRolling StoneSpinTeen VogueTimeWired, and many others. Brian has commercial representation in the U.S. and France, and is represented by galleries in New York City, Paris, and Amsterdam.

Edith Zimmerman is the founding editor of The Hairpin. She’s a regular contributor to The New York Times Magazine, and her work has appeared in GQElle, and New York magazine, and on This American Life.

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It’s Nice That

America’s hip hop honeys and cheerleaders colorfully captured by Brian Finke

Documentary photographer Brian Finke has travelled extensively across America capturing an incredible variety of people, professions and social rituals. From construction workers and flight attendants, to hip hop honeys and cheerleaders, his fascination with the dramas played out in small towns and urban cities finds its outlet in these wonderful images. Mixing natural light with flash photography, and staged scenes with candid shots, Brian masterfully highlight the undeniable uniformity of life, whilst celebrating individual moments with honesty and humour.

2468_28 2468_13 2468_61 Director Max Sainvil 347.459.6046, 865 East 135th Street Bronx, NY Director Max Sainvil 347.459.6046, 865 East 135th Street Bronx, NY

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Rhapsody Magazine | Thailand

Thailand_001 2 Thailand_002 Thailand_003 Thailand_004 Thailand_005 Thailand_006 Thailand_007 Thailand_008 Thailand_009

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Cinematik presents: The work of photographer Brian Finke.

Directed by: Bryant Botero
Produced by: Cinematik | CinematikFilms


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Lintroller | U.S. Marshals by Brian Finke to be published by powerHouse Books



Previously featured photographer, Brian Finke, is launching a new body of work that will be published in a portfolio book by powerHouse Books later this year. The monograph will be the fourth for Finke whose previous works include 2-4-6-8: American Cheerleaders and Football Players (Umbrage Editions, 2003), Flight Attendants (powerHouse Books, 2008) and Construction (DECODE Books, 2012).

The series, which documents the activities of the United States Marshals Service, was shot with unprecedented access in cities throughout the U.S. including Houston, the Texas/Mexico border between Brownsville and El Paso, New York City, Utica, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Atlantic City and Camden, New Jersey.

We are excited to see this work when more details are revealed later this year.


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